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Saturday, August 28, 2010



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Semalam, 17 Ramadhan 1431H,
Mengenang perwira-perwira Badar.........

I would like to share to all of you an essay. An essay that was written by a 14-years old islamic-educated girl (SMIH, forsure) , 3 years ago. She won the 1st prize in this essay competition.

This essay is really a simple one, It was made as simple as it could, no idioms, no bombastic words; so that everybody from every mustawa of ages can understand it crystally clear; insya-Allah.

So, here goes.

Badar: Before and After.

I was very stressed when I was writing this essay yesterday night. I was asked by my english teacher to write an essay based on theme Badar, Independence and our beloved school, HIDAYAH. However, as a muslim student, I had to try my best and struggle to finish this work as my tribute to HIDAYAH and Islam.

In the name of Allah the most Beneficent and the most Merciful.

As we know, the battle of Badar happened thousands of years ago. But the spirit of the Muslim warriors still inspire us to this day and age. For instance, our school, HIDAYAH, a small Islamic school located almost at the end of the map of Malaysia, compared with other schools around us, is like the sky and the earth. So big a gap! Just look at our school, with the lack of modern facilities, or up to date infrastructure, and with the condition where in some areas are still under construction, these current situations are actually not good for the students. But, what make us manage to move further and excel like the other school in Malaysia? Yes. Just like what I said before, it is because, we move forward with the spirit of the Muslim warriors just like in the battle of Badar thousands years ago.

They stood only in a small group of 313 soldiers, while the Quraisy, stood tough and well equipped with 1000 soldiers. But what happened in the end? The Muslims won the battle! Although they were not well armed like the Quraisy, but they had the strength and their faith in Allah and His Messenger which brought triumph to them. Plus, they did not give up easily even though the soldiers of Quraisy were 3 times more than them. And they proved to Rasulullah that the big troops of Quraisy would not made them feel fear even a little bit. The same thing goes for us today. Do not give up easily just because we are looked down by the others or they seem to be more tremendous than us.

If the Muslim warriors were defeated by the enemy of Allah on the battle field of Badar, Islam would not spread and the whole world would look down on Islam that time. Fortunately, they had successfully won the battle because they had an independent mind and they did not give up in spreading Islam. Just like us in HIDAYAH today;

We should not give up in spreading Islam to the world and we must shape our mind into an independent one. Always think big. Imagine, if there is no religious school such as HIDAYAH in our country, how will the next generation learn and know about Islam? Therefore, we must strive and put an effort together to reach the glory and independence of Islam nowadays and forever.

As a conclusion, we must hold on to our belief in Allah and as the students of HIDAYAH, we should appreciate our teachers, parents and all parties that have been helping HIDAYAH in order to be the top school so that people will respect us, just like the Muslim warriors after the battle of Badar - they were very very thankful to Allah for their victory. Last but not least, we must become high skilled in influencing people around us to preach Islam to the world.

-Ili Syazwani Shairi; 2 Islah [September 2007]

Always remember, OUR success is a glory for ISLAM.

Allahumma Solli 'Ala Muhammad
To Make People Understand

[Still in SPM 2010 Trial mode. If you can, please, do pray for me, pray for US.]
For Allah, for Islam, everything will do.

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