Demi pena , dan apa yang dituliskannya; [68:1]

Wednesday, July 11, 2007



[Last] letter of your FULL name?

- I

[Last] thing you ate?
- Naqia's honey!

[Last] thing u drank?
- skyjuice (?)

[Last] song you listened to?
- Hijjaz - Hidayah (*ehm* lagu tema mukhayyam!)

[Last] thing u did? (Before answering this survey)
- i'adah a.k.a muraja'ah a.k.a mengulang

[Last] TV show you watched?
- mutiara hati

[Last] person who sent you a sms?
- Khairunnisa Bee ( from singapore ke?)

[Last] time you cleaned your room?
- just now

[Last] CD/Cassette you bought?
- UNIC (lame dah le tak beli cd)

[Last] time you cried?
- 01st July 2007. (mukhayyam's muhasabah)

[Last] person who you chatted online
- Nadiah Hanisah... (asked me for the timetable , forsure! haha)

[Last] person u added to your
friendster list?
- i don't know.

[Last] website you browsed?
- friendster

[Last] person you hated/pissed?
- no one.

[Last] person u were thinking of?
- ntah le. depan komp nih tak terfikir sape2 lak.

[Last] time u felt sick?
- 09th July 2007

[Last] 2 digits of your home phone?
- 92

[Last] place you went to?
- my room.

[Last] book u read?
- PAFA book. during the PI class.

[Last] person u adored?
-YOU! *wink*

[Last] person u got annoyed with?
- huhuh!

[Last] person u bought a present for?
- Munirah.

[Last] person u said happy birthday
- Munirah. [haha. that's why i bought a present for her!]

[Last] person who made you smile?
- aminah. haha. -si penglipur lara 2 islah!-

[Last] person who made you cry?
- the little boy that gave a speech during the mukhayyam's muhasabah. woh! so touching.

"....That's All. The End...."

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