Demi pena , dan apa yang dituliskannya; [68:1]

Saturday, December 16, 2006

"je suis si nerveux "


je suis si fatigué aujourd'hui ... aujourd'hui , j'ai assisté à un anniversaire très fatigant ! au début, je pense que je ne veux pas aller..mais, ouais ! je suis allé.j'ai aidé.. jer!!

ceh , ntah ape2 je.. haha! just babbling.. tetibe je rase nak post dlm bhs perancis nih.. haha ! mcm aa tere sangat !! aa.. dah la ckp french nih , nnt terbongkar plak rahsie..hehe !
mal de tête parce que le tahfiz de kem est juste autour du coin ! ! il a lieu le lundi ! !

uh , so penat aa hari nih...
well , tadi pergi my mother's friend's daughter's birthday.. (btol ke nih? complicated sungguh !) hehe , asal plak penat eh? just attended a birthday , lol! well , i helped a little.. (very2 little!!) just tolong ikat then hang the belon dekat mane2 tiang yang ade kat khemah tu... so meriah punye birthday party ... but , i guess ... my birthday party when i was 12 (wei! that is last year aa!) lagi meriah kot... hey ! mane taknye , i invited lebih kurang 50 orang lebih to attend my birthday !!! ramai tak?? haha !... my friend said "Craziest birthday ever!" sebab ramai sangat.... hmm , saje buat besar2an cam tu sbb tahun last kat primary school kan... best sangat2 mase tu.. well, my father hired a khemah aa , letak kat depan rumah.... (c'est cérémonie ou anniversaire de mariage ? ?! lol..) majlis tu dari pkl 4 petang sampai aa 2 pagi kot kalau tak silap.... lame... hehe... sweet memories.. ( mmg aa sweet , banyak hadiah dapat ... haha... ) tapi , ana rase lah kan tahun lepas punye birthday paling best dalam sejarah hidup aa... plus , my teachers bought a piece of cake for me... woo , i'm touched... thanks a lot , ustazah2... (hey , until now , i am still wondering , how they , i mean my teachers know my birthdate?.. hmm.. well , they've the record maybe..).. hmm , xsasal citer pasal birthday nih !! quel poteau ? ?..

ok, de nouveau à la réalité !
yeah.. so nervous.. kem tahfiz-thingy tak settle lagi... pening2.. hehe , tadi asyik sms2 je dgn my frens sbb.. takut ade barang tertinggal ke.. well , of course aa .. first time seh nak tido kat asrama nih.... blank aa.. tak tahu ape kene bawak!! well , at least i know what to wear on monday... it's school uniform! hehe... thanks aa , nadiyah (err , if you're reading..) for that confirmation (fier de me!) .. huu , tak dapat aa blogging , straight 11 hari 10 malam ! i'll miss my blog... ok , wassalam !!

Oh the moon has come, the day is done,
the night has covered up the sun,
I have stood so often before you to pray,
but I wonder Allah, tell me, what did I do today?
Did I remember the words of Al-Fatihah?
Did I take time to thank you for all that I have?
Did I call on you to guide my way?
Tell me what did I do today?

I have whispered to you as I made Ru?ku
Subhana Rabey?yal Adheem.
But was my faith bright or grey?
Oh Allah, tell me, what did I do today?
Did I smile at my brother?
Was I kind to my Mother?
Did I teach another something I know?
Or did my love of this world lead me astray?
Tell me what did I do today?
Sami Allah hu liman hamida
Rabbana Lakal Hamd.
Sami Allah hu liman hamida
Rabbana Lakal Hamd.

Though I?ve bowed to you with my face in the dust,Subhana Raby?yal a`la.
The blessings you give I could never repay.
Oh Allah, tell me, what did I do today?
Did I use my time?
Did I use my mind?
If I search my heart what will I find?
light of your guidance is a glimmering ray,
Tell me, what did I do today?
Oh Allah, Tell me what did I do today?

haha ! i love this nasyid... entitled " what did i do today "... i like it.. except for this line " Did I smile at my brother " ... hehe , well , obviously , 'coz i don't have any other siblings.. haha! ana nih anak tunggal yg sangat2 manje.. (opps.. mon plus grand secret ! lol!) okeh !


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