Demi pena , dan apa yang dituliskannya; [68:1]

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

IT's RaYa !~

Salamun'alayKum ! well , yes. today is 1 Syawal 1427h ! that means it's Raya ! yippee.. hmm.. today i'm going back to my kampung @ selangor & Pahang ... can't wait ! well.. this morning, i woke up on 5am.. haha ! so excited aa.. then , bla2.... after having sahur upps... having breakfast, we went to the mosque for solat sunat aidilfitri.. then , after we went back home , i got my duit raya from my ayah .. then , my mum gave me duit raya t0o.. waa ! now , i've around RM170.00 ! waa ! (baru pagi raya ...) now , my mum's cousin with her family (satu family ke satu kampung ?? ramai nye..) visit us here before we going back to kampung this evening ~ so noisy.. but , that noise not annoying me.. well , it's raya lah.. of course it's merrier, right? haha.. okeh , it's 11:38 am.. o o o.. i'm not pack my bag yet !~ akhirulkalam , wassalam and enjoy your eid !

SaLaM aiDiLFiTRi 1 Syawal 1427h
Intelligent_Chaliph2006 << the pic of my kuih raya ! hua2..

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