Demi pena , dan apa yang dituliskannya; [68:1]

Monday, October 23, 2006

The day before the Day !

SaLamuN'aLAyKum.. huhu ,tomorrow is RAYA !! yippee...but , still.. sad.. coz ramadhan is gonna to leave us.. (just 9 hours left) well , hidup mesti diteruskN ! ahaks.. yess.. my baju raya"Ss are sewed ! but . i'm not picking up my baju raya"sS from the tailoR yet ! maybe tonight.. kuih & cake for eid also are waitin' to-be-eat ! my mum & I baked 'em yesterday and today ! wanna look?? log on to : then , scroll down till the end ! TaDa ! you'll see my cookies and the cake too ..well , I have bought bunga api to0.. can't wait to play it toniGht, yeah !haha... lil' bit childish.. hmm.. I just mentioned everything 'bout my raya preparation.. how 'bout you ?? share it ! erm.. i'm sure that all my friends now are at their kampung.. just me. still here. well , i'm going back to my kampung tomorrow, evening. yeah2.. i know it's a bit late , but , it's better than not going back at all , right? okeh , it's asar already , i want to perform my solah !! toodledoo .. 'Selamat berbuka puasa buat kali yg terakhir utk 2006' and HAPPY EID MUBARAK 2006 ! kullu'amwaantumbikhair ^_^

Selamat.Hari.Raya.AidiLFiTri ! Minal.aidil.wal.faizin. ! & !
SaLam LeBaRaN 1427h ,
~Intelchaliph's MinD~

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